The flooding following heavy rainfall recently, sadly feels like a re-run of the 2011 floods. Flooding of local waterways and rivers can spread for thousands of square kilometres and may last for weeks or even months. Being located at Withcott, at the bottom of a hill, means we are inundated both swiftly and without warning.

The flooding occurred quickly. Flash flooding from relatively short intense bursts of rainfall, made for a frightening time. A serious problem for us where drainage systems do not cope. The flash flooding tended to be quite local and it was difficult to predict or receive effective warning because of its rapid onset.

We are leading the charge in helping the community by being the drop off and distribution centre for those in need. Food & baking care packages, clothes, sheets, towels, you name it. There is even furniture being distributed. At the Withcott Hotel, it’s our way to help our community.  

Stay safe everyone…